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Benefit.Center is a shared portal solution from SOAR AHEAD™. Custom portals are also available. Contact us for more information.

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Connect for your Benefit

We are seeking work-life leaders to help us assemble solutions, offers, access, and rewards to help everyone #SOARAHEAD—Officially launching Labor Day, September 6, 2021. Specifically we are looking to affiliate with the following groups of people:

  • Creators of insured and non-insured work-life solutions, offers, access, and rewards
  • Administrators of work-life-oriented benefit plans
  • People committed to their own self-improvement and helping us all #SOARAHEAD


Mission to Prosperity

Well-being centric benefit platforms
SOAR AHEAD helps organizations of all kinds transform and enhance their benefit platforms to enhance your experiences, improve your overall well-being, and lower over all costs for everyone.
Integrated health & financial well-being program
We help unify all of your benefits under a single platform, Benefit.Center. However we don't just give you a single connecting point, rather we integrate benefits so they work better together to help you reduce your health and financial risks, make meaningful change, and achieve greater long-term prosperity.
Ever-advancing network of solutions, offers, access, and rewards
We are continuously evaluating existing benefit offerings and searching the market to find the best benefits possible—it is the core part of our mission—to S.O.A.R.—SOLUTIONS, OFFERS, ACCESS, and REWARDS. If you discover something we have not found yet, please don't hesistate to tell us or send it our way.

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Connect for your Benefit™

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Ask your organization
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