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Benefit.Center is a new benefit portal solution built on the leading platform for digital insurance policy administration. This platform technology, powered by HCIactive, has been connecting working people to their benefits since 2007. Together, we are helping everyone—from carriers to administrators to consumers—optimize their benefit universe.
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Benefit.Center is the next generation benefit platform for The Gig Era. People everywhere generally seek the same kinds of health & financial benefits—however, in the today's gig era, they find them in different ways than in the past. Sadly though, more and more people are not getting equal access to quality benefits.

Benefit.Center puts everything together
Benefit.Center puts everything together

In the mid-20th century, one good job, with good benefits, provided a good life and comfortable retirement.


For an ever-expanding population, yesterday's good job has been replaced by multiple gigs with less benefits sacrificing worker prosperity for short-sided cost cuts.


So we have pioneered integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) technology for the accident & health insurance benefit marketplace to optimize benefit access and utilization regardless of how a person gets their benefits. Benefit.Center is a special, turn-key version of this platform giving organizations a ready-to-launch solution. However, we also customize solutions for organizations as needed. Ask us how.

Benefit.Center puts everything together
Benefit.Center puts everything together
Now, whether someone earns benefits via their job — or not — we pull all the pieces together to enable administrators to create a single connecting point for their users to Take Total Command™ over their own personal benefit universe and #SOARAHEAD
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Ask your organization
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